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Elizabethan Homes offers our clients 40 years of home construction experience, as well as custom grade trades and access to the finest finishing material. All this at fair prices which are always transparent.

Elizabethan Homes was founded by two home-buyers like you and the homebuilder that rescued them. Faced with a failing custom build and a builder with endless excuses for why work was both delayed and unusually expensive, our founders were forced to learn the home building industry. With backgrounds in finance, accounting and research, they evaluated and confronted their builder, finally firing them, and hiring a true professional to complete their dream home.

Doing this required not simply the mechanical tasks of completing a home, but also the effective founding of a new company, one that could hold insurance, pay trades, acquire construction materials at builder prices and form relationships with suppliers and custom craftsmen. At the end of the process, they had made too many friends and developed too much expertise to simply dissolve what had become a real business.

Elizabethan Homes was born, and with it a mission to provide our clients with a fair shake in one of the most complex and rewarding projects anyone can undertake, and to deliver them, Finally Home.